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Google Chrome has many features and many free google chrome SEO Extensions that are available on the Chrome browser. Which benefits you. With the help of Google Chrome, you can take on-page and technical help of your website.

With the help of the Chrome extension, you can update your work faster and faster. This makes work faster and saves you a lot of time.

With the help of many free Google Chrome SEO extensions tool, it helps to enhance your website. There are many extensions that help in ranking, keyword research, website traffic, and performance checks.

How useful is the Chrome extension so that you can promote your website and observe your competitor.

There are many extension tools available on Chrome, we will discuss some of the free Google Chrome SEO extensions of the categories that are most useful for you.

Google Chrome SEO Extensions Tool Categories

Some categories of Google Chrome SEO extensions tools are given below.

  • Keyword Research
  • On-page SEO
  • Website Rank Checking
  • Link Building
  • Technical SEO

Keyword Research:

Google Chrome extensions do keyword research with the help of keyword research tools. Search keywords easily with the help of an extension tool. This searches the keywords on search engines and suggests keywords related to search keywords. Low competition keywords and search traffic appears.

With the help of Google extension, you are able to search for keywords.

1. Keyword Surfer :

Keyword Research and SERP Analysis Tools. With the help of Keyword Surfer, Google’s search keyword shows similar keywords, which makes it easier to find keywords.

You see the keyword surfer result on Google’s interface. There you see the search volume and search traffic with keywords.

You can make your content easier to find by applying the most relevant phrases.

2. WMS Everywhere :

WMS Everywhere is a free Google Chrome extension tool. Which performs an unlimited keyword search on search engines related to the search result of the keyword. The results are shown in how many search volumes and PPC are related to the keyword.

On-Page SEO:

Chrome has several extension tools for On-Page SEO. With the help of which you can improve the On-Page SEO of the website. Improving the on-page page can bring the website to the top ranking list. There are several important factors to improve on-page SEO. Which you can take care of.

Whenever you search on page sleep there are a lot of problems. It makes it very easy to find with the help of Chrome extension.

1. SEOInfo :

The SEOInfo Chrome extension tool navigates web pages for on-page SEO. How to improve on-page SEO? Guide any errors on the website’s HTML page. Which is important to improve SEO.

The current web page shows SEO performance and data graphs. You can also save the file of the data of the web page with one click.

In addition, this page title, meta description, canonical, meta tags, Hreflang, Structured Data, Open Graph tags, page speed, robots.txt, and displays data around a lot.


  • Automated checks and validation
  • Structured data Validation, Hreflang, Load Status (404, 403, etc)
  • On-demand checks and validation
  • Desktop and Mobile versions audit 
  • Collected/displayed information
  • Page Title, Description, Canonical

2. SEO Extension :

SEO extensions can find on-page backlinks and metrics of a website using the Chrome extension tool. Can analyze the website and keywords of the competitor. You can see the website’s keyword density search volume and meta tag.

Features Benefits :


Website Rank Checking :

With the help of a website ranking extension tool, you can analyze and monitor any website. Any competitive website can be analyzed with the help of a website Chrome extension tool. You can see the data on the website, how much traffic, ranking, and engagement are there.

1. SimilarWeb :

A similar Chrome extension is a free tool that is very useful. Which helps to see the traffic and ranking of any website. In one click, you can see in-depth traffic and engagement statistics for any website you browse.

SimilarWeb extension tool Features :

  • Website Rank
  • Visits Over Time
  • Geography
  • Traffic Sources
  • Engagement Rate
  • Traffic Sources

You can view the data of any website with the help of the Similweb Extension tool. How much traffic is coming on which page?

2. Alexa Traffic Rank :

Alexa is a free extension tool in the Chrome browser. The traffic rank of any website and which country has more searches. How much site linking does the website have? Everything can be easily seen by clicking on the extension.

You can check the traffic of all web pages, how many web pages are ranked and search engines.

The time it takes to load a website can be known by the website that is slow and slow.

Link building :

There are a lot of extension tools on Google Chrome, there are many tools available from link building. Link building will make your life easier.

1. MozBar :

Maz Bar is a type of link building and page authority checking extension tool. Which is why on-page help, domain authority can check any website. It is a Google SERP tool. All-in-one SEO toolbar for on-the-go research. 

MozBar is link building free seo extensions.

Any more successful than the link metrics pages while watching the SERP. Based on the difference to highlight the keywords on the page and write and link: was followed, was no-follow, external, or internal.

2. SEO Minion :

SEO Minion free google chrome extensions tool 2020

In On-Page So, SEO minions can check for Broken Links, SEO Minion is looking at different countries from Google SERPs. SEO Minion extension tool to help you in a lot of time saved.

This free SEO tools to help you in the following functions :

  • Analyze On-Page SEO
  • Highlight All Links
  • Check Broken Links
  • Hreflang Checker
  • SERP Preview
  • Google Search Location Simulator
  • SERP Utilities

Technical SEO :

With the help of Technical SEO, we will discuss the details that will help your website and SEO. Writing material will help. We will talk about the Chrome extension tool from which the website can be improved.

1. BuzzSumo :

BuzzSumo Free Extension tool for check website engagement.

With the help of BuzzSumo extension tool, you can check and analyze the animation data of your competitor’s web page.

BuzzZomo can view web page backlinks with help, and can count article shares on social media. Can analyze the performance of the content.

This BuzzSumo free extension tools to help you in the following functions:

  • See backlink count for Web Page
  • View the most shared content for the current website
  • Analyze the top-performing content format
  • Easily share content via Facebook, Twitter

2. NoFollow :

Nofollow searches the Nofollow and Dofollow links of any website with the help of the Chrome Extensions tool. You do not need to manually check.

With the help of this tool, you are able to easily find NoFollow and DoFollow links and it helps to detect external and internal links.

Google Chrome NOFollow Extensions Tool for website backlink find.

3. RedirectPath :

With the help of redirect path, technical SEO can check the redirect link and path. With this, you can see the usage of external and internal link data on the website.

redirect path seo extensions tool help for bloggers


The conclusion of this entire block is that with the help of a free Chrome extension tool, you can improve the on-page SEO of your website. 

The website can be customized with the help of a free extension tool. You can also analyze and fund your competitor on how many engagements there are, how many backlinks. You can help everything with the extension tool.

This is a comprehensive list of free Google Chrome SEO extensions that we should use daily for our website.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these Google Chrome extensions cater to your SEO needs to a great extent.

If you want to expand this list further, don’t forget to comment below.

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