Best Micro Niche Topics for Blogging 2020 and Low Competition Keywords

Micro-niche topics for blogging are going to discuss. How can you make money from a micro-niche website and low competition keywords?

A micro niche is a topic with which you can earn money through blogging. a Super niche is a demand for the website. Through which anyone can easily earn money.

With the help of micro-niche, you can easily get traffic to your blog and make money. There are a few topics by which money can be used as soon as possible. Today in the era of blogging, it is a very low competition keyword.

How to Start Micro Niche Website?

For the micro-niche the website, you have to choose ideas related to the topic micro-niche. You have to make a website on it.

There are lots of micro-website searches. Traffic starts coming to your website very quickly. Micro will also talk about the subject below,

there is a lot of searching for it, there is not much effort to make it, you can earn money by building a website once a year.

By designing a WordPress blogging website, you can earn money from Google by placing ads through AdSense.

If you get traffic on your website, then you can also make money through affiliate marketing and advertising.

There is very profitable blogging under the topic of the Micro niche. Through which one can easily earn money sitting at home as soon as possible.

See any micro niche website and topic. Traffic on such a website comes to millions daily, locally, and globally.

How to check website traffic?

By downloading the similarWeb Google Chrome extension, you can see how much traffic comes to the website.

Best Micro Niche Topics for Blogging.

Micro down and down is the subject of super, on which you can earn $ 1000 monthly by creating a website.

Below is something special that we will discuss. What is the list of topics from which you can make money as soon as possible?

The following micro-niche blogging topic below.

  1. Sarkari Job/Result
  2. Bank IFSC Code
  3. Indian Postal/Pin Code
  4. Indian Railway PNR Check
  5. Metro Route/Map
  6. Tourist Place Website
  7. Songs Download
  8. Wallpaper Download
  9. Quote Website
  10. Customer Care No.

If you create a blogging website above, you will see that there are millions of searches on these websites. If you create a website, you can earn $ 1000 from Google Adsense.

You can look at any website, see that website like government results, there is a million traffic on it. You can check for SimilarWeb extensions. Banks can see ifsc code website and song download website. Here affiliate can also earn money from marketing.


The micro-niche the keyword has a higher cup and search volume but a flame competition. You can go to the keyword research tool and search. You will know when you search.

We have written a blog on this, you can go and read. We have written about keyword research tools and how to earn from affiliate marketing. You will get help in creating a micro-blog website.

Micro-Niches Keyword and Content

For the micro-niche the website, you can do a keyword search on the Google Keyword Planner tool. They are absolutely free. This is done by searching the results through Google.

You can copy and paste data for its contents. But you do not feel any copyright. Because you have the material in it, such as whatever government job promise comes on the official result, it is updated.

You can download and update the data from the RBI website in the bank IFSC code. You do not receive any copyright on this.

Micro Niche Hosting and Domain

This requires hosting to design a website. We have written a blog for you on which hosting company is the best service. You can buy it to read which is the best hosting for you.

To create a blog, which is also under the domain or micro, select the domain-related words. It helps you in ranking and organic index. For this, you should select the domain you are referring to.

By the way, you will not get a quick domain because you are a related .com and can also choose .net.

You will get the domain easily so there is nothing like com and these domains are required.

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