How to Earn Money from Instagram

how to earn money from instagram igtv

How to earn money from Instagram? How to Instagram monetization? You can make money online. You can earn money using social media from home.

Instagram is a social media site that everyone knows. Instagram launched on 8 October 2010. Earlier this picture was shared on a social media site. Later, new features were added. It became publicly known. Many well-known companies also came to this platform, they saw that it became very famous among the public.

Instagram Is More Popular Than Facebook

When Instagram became more popular than Facebook, brands started coming to Instagram for promotion. Instagram then does the Most of Young Generation. Instagram is a young user-based platform.

Why Instagram is taking more than Facebook.

1.More Engaged Audiences.

It gets more audience participation than Facebook. Organic reach is more than Facebook. If your followers are not more, then reach more audience for your post. Here you can increase engagement using hash tags in your post.

2. User-Friendly and Easy to Use

Instagram is very easy to use and user friendly. Launched in Instagram app. Your photos and videos are very safe on Instagram. Instagram is fast compared to Facebook. If someone is on Instagram, you will not send a request to that friend and follow.

3.More Effective Story

The story features on Instagram and Facebook. But, the story on Instagram is very powerful. Because you can hashtag it. Swipe a redirect link-up options. Instagram Story reaches more than Facebook.

Earn Money from Instagram

You can earn money from Instagram. Instagram is a very good social media platform to earn money. You can do online earning with the help of home-based Instagram. With the help of Instagram, with some creativity, you can earn millions a month.

Some strategies have to be followed for this. With which you can earn by Instagram. You should post regularly on Instagram. Use creativity whatever you posted. You will get more organic reach than short videos and animation posts.

There are three major ways to earn money from Instagram.

1. Sell your own products and services.

You can sell your own product and service. If people follow you on Instagram So the best way is to sell the product or service of your brand.

sell your own product online

It’s important to share the knowledge of people’s needs. When you become 1k to 2k followers you can sell your product and service. You can also make and sell your course.

2. Affiliate Marketing is selling products from other brands.

You can earn on Instagram through the affiliate market. Through affiliate marketing, you sell the product of another brand. Many companies offer Affiliate Program Service. If you sell the company’s product in the affiliate program, you get a 10% – 60% commission.

This gives you a company affiliate program that will go to their site and have an account. After that, you will get a link to the product and service. You can write product and service-related content on Instagram. What are the features of this product? If you are doing this then you can share your experience.

affiliate marketing is selling products

Buys a product or service through your link, you get a commission. You can see how many people have purchased in the dashboard on the affiliate program site. Famous Affiliate Company Amazon, Commission Junction, ShareASale.

3. Work as an Influencer to post sponsored by brands

The brand will approve of you. You can create a sponsored post for the brand. About the brand, you can write content. For which you’d been charged for the brand or the company’s post. This way you can make money online.

infuencer to post sponsored

If you have a good following, the brands will approve of you. Followers will only follow you. If you share your need content, you create a creative image or post.

If you have less than 10k followers then you can apply for local and small businesses. Starting with a small business you can charge the work. When your followers grow, you are promoted to a reputed brand yourself

Instagram users in India 2020

.Instagram India is the second-highest user among all countries. The United States of America has more users on Instagram than India. The United States has 120 million users and India has 4 million users. This is an April 2020 report.

500 million Instagram daily active users all over the world. I can see how many scopes. Instagram is fast to grow and most young user base.

Leading countries based on Instagram audience

instagram audience graph

Instagram IGTV Monetization

On Instagram Now you can earn money in new ways. This is a very good way to come, and new features are going to add. Now you can earn more on Instagram. You can make money from Instagram to make videos.

instagram igtv monetization

From 1 June 2020, Instagram is starting to test the IGTV monetization feature. Right now it will be available in some special Instagram account. In the coming years, you can monetize Instagram video ads for 15 seconds on IGTV like YouTube. Long videos on Instagram can make money here, and by increasing your account, you can earn money like YouTube in the coming times.

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