Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tool and Find SEO Keywords

Keyword search for research whenever you have a blog and website research keywords. Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tool and How to Find SEO Keywords

Keyword search for research whenever you have blog and website research keywords. When you search SEO keywords, the search related to your website topic by keyword search with the help of the Keyword Tool.

With the help of the keyword tool, how much monthly search is done on a keyword, how is the competition? You can learn with the help of the Keyword Tool.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is the process of “finding and analyzing actual search terms“.

You do a keyword search to rank your website on Google. Your competition is ranking on the keyboard of another website on Google, Find low competition keywords related to the same.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

By keyword research, you can rank easily on Google for your website. Keywords can help you improve on-page SEO.

Keyword research is important because with the help of keyword research you can search for keywords related to your website and blog. You can find which keywords related to your business are being searched.

This way you can target your customer. The keyword helps to reach your real customer.

What is Keyword Research Tool?

Keyword research is very difficult to do manually. Because you do not know which keyword is searched by the target customer in the month. It is also difficult for you to know which keyword is being searched more. Which keyword is of high competition, that of low competition.

You can easily know all this with the help of Keyword Research Tool. How many search volumes are in a keyword. A keyword has a high competition. All this helps in the search with the help of Keyword Tool.

With the help of the Keyword Tool, you can search your competitor’s website link to see which keyword can rank the website. This way helps you to grow your website.

How many types of keyword research tools are there.

There are two types of keyword research tools.

  • Paid Keyword Tool
  • Free Keyword Tool

You have to buy paid keyword tool. You have to do a particular amount. Everyone has different plans. The paid keyword tool gives you more features. Provides you with absolutely accurate keyword information.

The most popular paid keyword research tool, which is what most bloggers and digital marketers do.

  • Ahref Tool
  • SEMrush

There are many paid keyword research tools.

Free Keyword Tool :

If you are starting your own website and blog now. If you can it’s free keyword tool. Free keyword tool also gives detailed information of almost all keywords. Free keyword tool will help you.

Many free keyword tools give you free 5 keywords for every day and 14 days trial free keyword research.

Today we will discuss which free keyword tools are there. By the way, there are many free keyword tools in the market.

5 Free Keyword Research Tool

Whatever 5 keyword research tools are from my own perspective. There are many keyword tools available in the market. Different keyword tools will all have their own rank in perspective. A second tool may be right.

But, the keyword tool is better than my experience. This will fulfill your need for keyword research.

You have given 5 free keyword tools below.

  1. Soovle
  2. Answer The Public
  3. Google Keyword Planner
  4. Moz
  5. UberSuggest

Soovle :

Soovle is the best keyword research tool, it brings keyword searches through Google. These are direct search on Google, are also looking for results and auto-suggestions for the keyword.

Soovle Keyword Research Tool is a very good option. The website gives you a very accurate result for keyword research. Regarding the topic Which keywords blog and remain true to the website.

You have some disadvantages. You do not know how the monthly search volume of the keyboard.

Answer The Public:

Answer The Public is a very good keyword research tool. For content marketing, you can search for keywords on the Answer The Public. Your keywords are search gives very accurate keyword searches you. Through which you can write content. Your content will rank faster on Google.

The image you see above. The public should answer by searching for such results. In it you find out how many monthly. You don’t know which keywords have so much competition.

If you do the whole thing, it will help you find the right keywords. But search for how many keywords, you can see on any other tool. You can find the best keywords.

Google Keyword Planner Tool :

Keyword planner tools like you will know is Google’s keyword research tool. It is absolutely free, you do not have to pay any charge for it.

google keyword planner tool

Its user interface is very easy. To find keywords, you need to go to the Google Keyword Planner tool and log in with Gmail. You will type the keyword then after clicking the search it shows you the results related to the keyword.

Looking at the image, the “Best Hosting Service” has been discovered. Here you are showing results by searching above. How much is the monthly search and how much is the competition. Looking below, Keyword Idea is searching for keywords related to search related keywords.

Google Keyword Planner Tool is the best research tool because it is Google’s tool and it is absolutely free. You can find any number on it. You can see the keyword search volume for your website, how much flame or high competition there is.

MOZ Keyword Tool :

You can do a limited keyword search on the Moz keyword tool. It is not free at all. The Limited Keyword is free in it. In this also, you can add domains and do some checks.

You can download the Moz extension and check it by activating it. How much PA and DA how many backlinks does a website have.

Ubersuggest :

UberSuggest is a free keyword research tool. The famous Neil Patel website. In which you can search by country by keywords and domain. First of all, you have to log in. You can then search.

Search for keyword searches. How many searches are you given below, how many difficulties, how much CPC are you doing?

UberSuggest is no longer completely free before you could search any keyword, it was completely free. But now you can search 10 keywords daily on this.

You can search the domain of a website to find out which keyword is being ranked on which page? How many backlinks are created? You can go and see it. You can search the website on which keywords and rank.

UberSuggest has now had its Google Cromé extension lunch. You can do it You can download it from UberSuggest.

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