10 Steps How to Start a blog in Beginning 2020

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Today We are discuss with How to Start a blog in Beginning in 2020.

You are interested in writing, you can make your writing available to people through a blog. Writing a blog is very easy, you just have to take care of some things. You too can become an expert in a blog.

If you write a blog, you will learn a whole new topic. With this, you will get to know different topics. Your knowledge will increase and your account will also improve.

You will also become an expert by following some things in writing a blog. And how can a blog rank on Google? What should the blog format be like? This is all below Mention.

how to write blog

What is the most important thing to pay attention to starting? Mentioned in some steps.

How to Earn Money with a Blog.

When you become a blog expert, you can also earn from a blog. By creating a blog, you can generate extra passive income for yourself. Therefore, writing the blog in 2020 will be very important and also improve the writing as well as earnings.

If you do not know how to start a blog in Beginning, then we have Mentioned below. Therefore, you must read the entire blog.

You will open many options for earning. You can also earn money with the help of advertisements. Hence the reason for starting a blog is necessary and how to continue it.

Start a Blog from Scratch in beginning 10 Steps.

Mention all the steps given below. Based on your experience and research, the following points are mentioned below. You can start a blog writing from stretch by following these steps. if no idea, How to write a blog in beginning. So write a good blog, you must follow all the steps.

1. Research to understand your audience :

How to research a blog

Start writing your blog, make sure that you understand your target audience in a specific way. Because without understanding your audience, you will not be able to write a proper blog according to your audience. Therefore, you need to do research on what your audience wants. Only then can you reach your target audience.

If you go about your audience. Only then you can give complete information in your blog about what they want for your audience. When you do research, you can make an appropriate plan. In this way, you can target your audience.

Before starting your blog, you have to search for research, some important points which are necessary for your blog.

  • Your audience belongs to categories.
  • How old is the audience?
  • What is his interest?
  • What is his gender
  • Which department is it in?
  • What is his passion?

2. Choose the Right Topic:

Whenever you write a blog, you choose an eligible subject. By choosing the subject, you do it by paying attention to your audience. which type of your audience interested in? Whatever blog you will write so that your audience can educate and gain knowledge. You have modern knowledge of the blog subject.

  1. you write a blog, based on your experience, you should be systematically organized. So that whenever the audience reads your blog, one can get knowledge on that subject. Which makes the audience understand the subject. Otherwise, if not in a systematic way, the blog reader will be confused.
  2. Your topic should be clear so that your readers understand the blog. Whenever you want the content should be in the list and different titles.

3. Buy a Domain and Hosting:

web hosting company

You can host a domain by choosing a suitable so-friendly domain for your blog and purchasing the domain. You must buy some good company hosting for your blog. Your blog depends on the domain and hosting. Domain Your domain name should be related to whatever category of blog you are creating.

It is very important to pay attention to tell something while buying hosting.

  1. How is the hosting company performing?
  2. Which type of hosting service?
  3. How is the page loading speed?

4. Create your Content in an Outline:

There is a need to outline the topic of your blog. Whenever you write a blog, first you write it on paper online, because it makes it easier to review the blog. Then post it after review. When all are found to be correct on the outline.

create blog content in an outline

The outline is designed to make the reader not afraid to see the blog. As if he could not understand anything in the blog. Different topics of the blog are made into sections, lists, tips. Therefore, it is important to organize blog content.

  1. Your blog should be organized in a logical order. So that the reader can read.
  1. The number of your section must be very large or very small. Points should be added based on the length of your blog post. Blogs should be written in different sections.
  1. The major sections are divided into subsections that go into greater detail, making the material easier to read.

5. Optimize for On-Page SEO:

On Page SEO Optimization

After you write your blog maintain a friendly search engine. And add search keywords related to blog topics. So that the title is optimized. So the blog URL keyword is SEO friendly and made SEO Optimized

You have to take care of a few points for an optimized reason.

  1. Meta Description:

Meta descriptions are detailed below to post the page title in search results from Google. They provide a brief summary of the first post by clicking the searchers on. They are the base of 150-160 characters and start with a verb.

While meta description is not a factor in Google’s keyword ranking algorithms. They give you a list of things from reading post searchers and help improve your clickthrough rate.

  1. Page Title: 

The blog has a post title that plays an important role in on-page SEO. If you keep the keyword related page title, then your page will be SEO optimized. So it is mandatory to add search keywords to the title.

  1. Anchor Text:

With the help of anchor text, you link to other pages on one page. You link a page with anchor text that is interconnected from one page to another. By keyword links you to Improve SEO your website. It consists of Google ranking Improve.

  1. Mobile Optimization:

You make the mobile user friendly and mobile-optimized to attract mobile users for your blog. Mobile friendly is called responsive design. It consists of Active more mobile users than on your blog. It helps in SEO on-page.

6. Write additional information:

How to start write a blog for beginners

Whenever writing a blog, you need to add some extra information. So that the header can be searched with one click. Its table is created. So that the title of the blog post is in a signed list.

how to start a blog in Beginning. You have some extra Information Add associated with your blog, to educate your readers. So that you can get more information on the blog.

7. Create a Visual View:

If you keep writing your blog, then it is very important to have a visual appearance of your blog. This will make the visualization of your blog look attractive and beautiful. For this, your videos and images related to the title should be added, so that the visual view of the blog will engage your reader and make more sense than the visual view.

Add a visual image with every title. Which will make blog post readers spend more and more time.

Which things can be used to create a visual view.

  • Title Image
  • GIF Image
  • Infographics
  • Graphics Charts
  • Animations
  • Video

You are used to adding a section to the blog by using the Image Header. Your blog gets styled.

8. Polish your title and URL:

You make your blog title and description a final polish. So that after the blog is ranked in the search results when the searcher actually clicks on your blog post, the blog post is as open as possible.

  1. You should make your title so friendly. What is your blog message clear from?
  1. The blog URL must be short and attractive. By which you can find out what the blog is about by looking at the URL.

9. Social Media Sharing Button:

Make sure to share on social media sharing so that whenever your blog reads better than it can share with anyone else. Which will bring more and more traffic to your blog.

Social media is a very good option to reach your audience, you can also be promoted through social media and email to your blog. You can increase the reader’s reach on your blog.

10. Comment and Feedback:

Feedback and Comment on Blog

You have to provide a feedback option in your blog so that whenever someone wants to give you a suggestion, you can comment. If anyone else needs information about that blog, you can contact me. Therefore, give feedback or comment options.


By doing this, the final consolidation is found that all stages of the blog play a significant role and all have their own importance. Therefore, as you counter-attack, your post will become active. In this way, you can improve writing by writing a blog.

You can start a blog in beginning 2020 with 10 steps, you will be easy to understand.

Hope you have helped with this blog and have been inspired to write a blog. How can you start a blog? If you want to write a comment, you can write a comment.

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